Tax Credit Purchasers

Purchasers of Virginia Land Preservation tax credits are indirectly supporting conservation efforts by providing liquidity to easement donors. Purchasers are also materially reducing or eliminating their state tax liability. Purchasers should consult with their financial and tax advisors to determine the amount of their current year state tax liability. Purchasers may purchase several years of tax credits or just enough to cover their current liability. Unused credits may be carried forward for up to 10 years after the year of donation.

Risk awareness and mitigation is an important aspect to the transfer of tax credits. Underlying easements and appraisals are different for each piece of property. VCCE assists purchasers in mitigating the risk of audit or adjustment from a tax agency by carefully selecting easements and thoroughly reviewing underlying documentation. If VCCE believes the easement is at risk of an audit and/or adjustment, then the easement is rejected from consideration. Purchasers should be aware that low priced credits may carry additional risk. VCCE has high quality tax credits that also happen to be competitively priced.